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  1. Developing a solution for receiving Linux Audit trails with auditdistd

  2. MoinMoin to MediaWiki migration of the FreeBSD Wiki

On hold

  1. Non-BSM to BSM Conversion Tools

  2. Porting 802.11n (and hopefully 802.11ac) to FreeBSD iwm(4)


  1. FreeBSD Ports Workshop at Warsaw Hackerspace on 24.02.2018

  2. Bash completion for Poudriere (PR,


  1. A bug I encountered as I was installing FreeBSD 10.3 on Hasee Q540S.

    Drop me a line if you know how to fix it and why my hacky solution works. (See my detailed post on SuperUser.)



  1. Tidy up mdoc formatting for "etc.)" at end of line

  2. Add Posix 2013 référence for manpages

  3. Link to the Synergy SKY homepage is broken on

  4. Add a section about respecting WITH_DEBUG to the Chapter 13. (Dos and Don'ts)

  5. Noteworthy src/ SVN branches are out-of-date in the Committer's Guide, Chapter 1: Administrative Details


  1. x11/xclip: [PATCH] Update to 0.13

  2. x11-wm/dwm: Add a config knob to use Super instead of Alt for the mod key (+ minor Makefile fixes)

  3. New port: accessibility/sct: utility to change screen temperature

  4. New port: lang/retro12: clean, elegant, and pragmatic dialect of Forth

  5. multimedia/projectx: [patch] add a license to unbreak port building

  6. misc/sent: Update to version 1

  7. [NEW PORT] net/quark: Small HTTP GET-only web server

  8. accessibility/sct: Update to 0.2.1

  9. graphics/intel-backlight: Update to g20180303

  10. [NEW PORT] misc/with: Command prefixing for continuous workflow using a single tool

  11. [NEW PORT] security/setaudit: Tool to specify audit configurations on a process

  12. graphics/drm-next-kmod: Add to category kld

  13. x11/sterm: update to 0.8

  14. x11/dmenu: Update to 4.8

  15. [NEW PORT] databases/pgsanity: Check syntax of PostgreSQL SQL files

  16. sysutils/py-plumbum: Fix misformatted pkg-descr

Maintained ports

Maintained wiki pages


  1. My GitHub profile

  2. My FreeBSD handbook

  3. ShivanshRai

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