Mateusz Piotrowski

Hello, I'm a ports & doc committer, serving on the 12th FreeBSD Core Team.

Email: <SAY HELLO 0mp AT FreeBSD DOT org>
IRC: _0mp, mpts


  1. Improve Bash completion for FreeBSD utilities:
  2. Various minor todo's:
  3. Explain entries in the FILES section in the build(7) manual page.

  4. Tell the world about FreeBSD:


On hold

  1. Non-BSM to BSM Conversion Tools

  2. Porting 802.11n (and hopefully 802.11ac) to FreeBSD iwm(4)

  3. FreeBSD ports badge for

  4. Developing a solution for receiving Linux Audit trails with auditdistd

  5. Improve vt(4) Splash Screen Support

  6. WikiFixitGroup

    1. WikiFixitGroup/WorkArea/UpgradingRecaptcha


  1. FreeBSD Ports Workshop at Warsaw Hackerspace on 24.02.2018

  2. Bash completion for Poudriere (PR,

  3. BSD-PL

Maintained ports


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