Most of our racks and cabinets use APC AP8941s. At ISC, a few older Baytechs remain; they are slated for replacement in 2Q 2012.



Here is the ideal setup (as at NYI):

Each cabinet has two PDUs, one on each side of the cabinet. The ethernet switch for each rack is plugged into the top C13 port (port 23) of the left PDU and the console server for each rack is plugged into the top C13 port (port 23) of the right PDU. Hosts are plugged into ports starting from the bottom. Hosts with dual power supplies should ideally use the same numbered port on each switch. Other hosts should alternate between PDUs with a rough order of starting with ports at the bottom for hosts at the bottom. Putting dual-powered hosts at the bottom of racks should help with keeping the first rule.

Note: there are 21 IEC 320 C13 sockets (1-7, 9-15, 17-23) and 3 IEC 320 C19 sockets (8, 16, 24). We currently only use the former. See the specifications.


ssh lpduXXX / ssh rpduXXX


Show list of systems:

olStatus all

Power cycle:

olReboot ''hostname''

The commands above are case insensitive.

ordering information

Normally with 30A circuits we will run out of ports before we run out of amps, so then we can add up to 3x of these to the AP8941s:




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