Networking session

For now just a braindump of ideas. Should add more details. Feel free to do so yourself. Remember, we only have about 3 half days (and perhaps an evening or two).

We can pick one possibly two topics depending on number of people:

  1. sketch up more details of the new link-layer and start to prototype
  2. look in more details at Jeff's previous mbuf branches jeff_mbuf and jeff_mbuf2, as well as the DevSummit/201205 notes and start a prototype

  3. related to all this, look at factoring out code from network drivers into a common library
  4. ...

Possibly more ideas:

  1. if it will otherwise happen, plot the network stack rmlocks and prototype
  2. finish stats gathering, libnetstat, and related (should be a quick discussion and a 1-2 person project to finish)
  3. Mirage/kFreeBSD

  4. implement PFIL_TYPE_IFNET for pfil(9) and rebase ng_ether(4) on the top of this.

  5. ...



Topics of interest

Other notes






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