FreeBSD Discord

FreeBSD has a Discord server to socialize, get support, support others, learn, contribute, collaborate, and stay up to date on all things FreeBSD and Open Source.

Everyone is welcome to Join our FreeBSD Discord Server. This invitation will take you to our #lobby channel.

Why Discord?


Guidelines & Rules

Our FreeBSD Discord server rules and guidelines are additional, and complementary, to the FreeBSD Code of Conduct.

While we don't have strict 'on-topic' rules, the following types of content are never acceptable, and are grounds for immediate removal without notice:

Note: It is challenging to describe crystal clear boundaries for including and excluding particular content, which means the above guidelines are not exhaustive. We expect community members to always exercise their best judgement, with the primary consideration and priority being the health and well-being of the FreeBSD community.

We also enforce the Discord Community Guidelines. Discord provides a great hateful conduct policy explainer which demonstrates the boundary between joking around and hateful conduct. Violations of Discord's site-wide rules will result in a report to Discord's admins and an immediate server ban.

Trolling and Troll-like Behaviour

Please also note the following definitions of trolling or troll-like behaviour:

Trolling behaviour will be treated accordingly by Community Helpers, and may result in being timed out, kicked from the community, or even banned, if warnings are not followed and behaviour isn't adjusted accordingly.

We want this server to be a welcoming space, so if you see something against the rules or that makes you feel unsafe, let us know. You can reach out to Community Helpers by using the @helper role and or using the #helpdesk channel under the "HELP & SUPPORT" category. You can also attempt to DM a @helper, but their personal Discord settings might make this difficult.

How do I use/access Discord?

If you've made the move to FreeBSD on your desktop/laptop/device, and you're now wondering how you access the FreeBSD Discord (or just Discord in general), then read on.

Firstly, Discord does not provide an official build of their official client that runs natively on FreeBSD. Instead, we have to use one of a few options:

  1. The Discord client via the browser - basically

  2. A Electron "wrapper" around the official Discord client
  3. A third-party client (please read the notice/warning)

The Web Client

Using Discord via the web browser is easy: you simply visit, login, and you're good to go.

The Electron "Wrapper"

Using the Electron "wrapper" is more involved, but well documented:

This one is recommended simply because it's the most up to date based on the last commit date.

Third-party Clients

Please note that the FreeBSD project or Foundation cannot suggest or recommend the use of third-party Discord clients. We cannot guarantee that is permitted under Discord's T&Cs, AUP, and beyond. Please check that your use of a third-party is legal under the terms of service provided by Discord themselves.

Here is a list of third-party Discord clients, each with their own respective pros and cons, install instructions, and more:

  1. gtkcord4 – net-im/gtkcord4

  2. (deprecated and marked a read-only! Be careful!)

Channel Overview

Channels are organised into five high-level user-goal oriented categories, to help you find what you're looking for:



Principles and guidelines that inform our behaviours, decision-making and evolution:


Community Helpers & Guidelines

Community Helpers are a team of people recruited from the FreeBSD community whose primary goal is to encourage and facilitate the highest-quality and best user and community experience possible.


Roadmap of things we're looking at to improve the experience on and management of our FreeBSD Discord server.

If you'd like to participate and contribute to our FreeBSD Discord Roadmap, discussion takes place in our #community channel



Status & Responsible

Rules Screening

New members must read/accept guidelines & CoC before being granted member role


Community Server Enabled

Additional community management and moderation features


Moderator 2FA Enabled

Require two-factor authentication for moderator actions

(./) KubilayKocak

Server Discovery Member

Listed in in-app server search. Requires 7,000 members. May apply prior.


Partnership Program Member

Custom URL, Branding, Features, Perks. requirements

KubilayKocak Status: Applied 20210519

Verified Server Enabled

Custom, unique URL, Invite Splash, and Verified Badge

KubilayKocak Status: Applied 20210519

Channel Reorganisation

User Goal-oriented categories


Set topics in all channels



Discord Announcements

Where/how to we keep members up to date on new things and changes?

(./) Pinned messages in #community

Enable Announcement Channel

Does this dupe/replace pinned messages in #community above?

(./) LewisCook

New Member Screening

Use Discord native screening, simplifies perms

(./) LewisCook

Pick Discord Bot Framework

open source, maintained, healthy plugin ecosystem. TODO: Identify 3-5 candidates

Biti w/ KubilayKocak /BotFrameworks

Admin & Moderation Bot

Enable and document Admin/Moderation Bot

(./) Dyno /Bots

Statistics Bot

Server, channel, member statistics

Biti /StatsBotsComparison

Levels Bot

Gamification and activity/engagement encouragement

Biti /LevelBotsComparison

Pulse: Review Events

Phabricator Review events in Discord. Use Herald:Webhooks

KubilayKocak & Biti

Can I Help?

Absolutely! We are keen for members to reach out and talk about how we can best leverage and improve the Discord experience. Some ideas we'd love people to get involved with include:

Even the smallest of ideas can go a long way, so get in touch on our Discord:#community channel.


You may be assigned various roles upon request. Just click on the #role-requests channel and mention the helper team (using @helpers) with the roles you want. None of these roles grant additional server permissions.

Available roles:

Role Name



makes your nickname grey


makes your nickname red


makes your nickname orange


makes your nickname yellow


makes your nickname green


makes your nickname blue


makes your nickname purple


makes your nickname pink


mentioned by server members who want others to join a voice call with them


mentioned by server members who are sharing free games in ⁠#feeds


A new bot is being created which will take over the manual role request system. This section will be updated once the bot has been deployed.


We run a number of automated bots on our Discord server, currently:

See Also


Links to Discord client software (ports?).

Invite Sources

CategoryCommunity CategoryTeam

  1. This does not mean no moderation, potty mouths or not considering the impact of what we say (1)

  2. This means voice, video, streaming, social content and services, interactivity and real-time collaboration (2)

  3. This means having to deal with discomfort, but it's worth it. (3)

  4. "Move fast(er) and minimise breakage". And have a contingency plan. (4)

  5. "pings" are costly. Don't spam. (5)

  6. Engagement is not a goal. Genuine, lasting community growth and quality is. (6)

  7. Solutions for undefined problems or without definitions of success are not valuable. Horse > Cart. (7)

  8. This is hard. (8)

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