Discord is a communications and community-building service that supports voice and video streaming, commonly used in gaming communities, but also by many projects outside that industry.

FreeBSD runs a dedicated Discord "server", where its community members can socialise, obtain support or support others, learn, contribute, collaborate, and stay up to date with all things FreeBSD-related.

To join the server, click the invitation below:

Why Discord?

Discord boasts broadly accessible and unique features that the the community can enjoy without the steeper learning curves associated with other support and social mediums that can often deter or overwhelm newcomers.

It is popular with non-technical people and provides an opportunity to broaden FreeBSD's reach outside traditional spaces and audiences. Having a presence on Discord means the friction-less discovery of and access to FreeBSD to the broader Discord user community.

Guidelines & Rules

Our FreeBSD Discord server rules and guidelines are in addition, and complementary to, the FreeBSD Code of Conduct.

Channel Overview

Channels are organised into four high-level user-goal oriented categories, to help you find what you're looking for:

Can I Help?

Absolutely! We are keen for members to reach out and talk about how we can best leverage and improve the Discord experience. Some ideas we'd love people to get involved with include:

Even the smallest of ideas can go a long way, so get in touch on our Discord:#community channel.



Principles and guidelines that inform our behaviours, decision-making and evolution:


Roadmap of things we're looking at to improve the experience on and management of our FreeBSD Discord server.

Include a link to the channel where people can participate and contribute to this.



Status & Responsible

Rules Screening

New members must read/accept guidelines & CoC before being granted member role


Community Server Enabled

Additional community management and moderation features


Moderator 2FA Enabled

Require two-factor authentication for moderator actions

(./) KubilayKocak

Server Discovery Member

Listed in in-app server search. Requires 7,000 members. May apply prior.


Partnership Program Member

Custom URL, Branding, Features, Perks. requirements

KubilayKocak Status: Applied 20210519

Verified Server Enabled

Custom, unique URL, Invite Splash, and Verified Badge

KubilayKocak Status: Applied 20210519

Channel Reorganisation

User Goal-oriented categories


Set topics in all channels



Discord Announcements

Where/how to we keep members up to date on new things and changes?

(./) Pinned messages in #community

Enable Announcement Channel

Does this dupe/replace pinned messages in #community above?

(./) LewisCook

New Member Screening

Use Discord native screening, simplifies perms

(./) LewisCook

Pick Discord Bot Framework

OpenSource, maintained, healthy plugin ecosystem. TODO: Identify 3-5 candidates

LewisCook w/ KubilayKocak /BotFrameworks

Admin & Moderation Bot

Enable and document Admin/Moderation Bot

(./) Dyno /Bots

Statistics Bot

Server, channel, member statistics

LewisCook /StatsBotsComparison

Levels Bot

Gamification and activity/engagement encouragement

LewisCook /LevelBotsComparison

Pulse: Review Events

Phabricator Review events in Discord. Use Herald:Webhooks

KubilayKocak & LewisCook


  • TODO: Document unique guidelines.
  • TODO: Describe complementary & link to existing community guidelines.

  • TODO: Procedures (do's and dont's) on how to handle certain situations?


See Also


Links to Discord client software (ports?).

Invite Sources

CategoryCommunity CategoryTeam

  1. This does not mean no moderation, potty mouths or not considering the impact of what we say (1)

  2. This means voice, video, streaming, social content and services, interactivity and real-time collaboration (2)

  3. This means having to deal with discomfort, but it's worth it. (3)

  4. "Move fast(er) and minimise breakage". And have a contingency plan. (4)

  5. "pings" are costly. Don't spam. (5)

  6. Engagement is not a goal. Genuine, lasting community growth and quality is. (6)

  7. Solutions for undefined problems or without definitions of success are not valuable. Horse > Cart. (7)

  8. This is hard. (8)

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