Netboot (TFTP, NFS root)

It happens that .dts/.dtb for BeagleBone Black in CURRENT might break the boot process (one, two and three). In order to fix it and boot BBB with a known-good .dtb FreeBSD loader(8) can be supplied with the given configuration:

        # Load kernel, modules, dtb/dtbo _before_ loader's console

        # Load .dtb/.dtbo

It means that /boot/dtb/am335x-boneblack.dtb should exist on NFS root. At the same time it's enough to load /boot/loader.efi via TFTP. From u-boot console:

        => dhcp
        => tftp ${kernel_addr_r} loader.efi
        => bootefi ${kernel_addr_r}

Make sure that FreeBSD kernel, dtb (and modules, perhaps) loaded and boot. From loader(8) console:

        => lsmod
        kernel ...      
        am335x-boneblack.dtb ...
        ... modules ...
        => boot

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