About Me

I'm 22 years old and a student at Smith College. I'm originally from Newcastle, Australia. Previous programming projects include MatMice.com, an online homepage builder used by more than one million children worldwide (Perl/PostgreSQL). Previous involvement with open source includes developing the new PostgreSQL.org website. For the Google Summer of Code, I'll be working on the FreeBSD website. My mentor is MurrayStokely.

Website Ideas

Following are some of my ideas for a redesign of the FreeBSD website. MurrayStokely also has a good list of ideas, so I'll try not to duplicate here.



Secondary Pages

Design Proposals

Feedback is welcome; please email soc-emily at freebsd.org


Following is a rough timeline for implementing a redesign of the FreeBSD website.

Mon 18 Jul

Tue 19 Jul - Tue 2 Aug

Wed 3 Aug - Sun 7 Aug

Mon 8 Aug - Thu 25 Aug

Fri 26 Aug - Wed 31 Aug

Thu 1 Sep

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