Murray Stokely is a FreeBSD Core Team Member, as well as a member of the Release Engineering, Documentation, and various other teams in the FreeBSD Project.

Current Projects

Some of my current projects :

Google Summer of Code

Being a full-time employee at Google, I use my 20% time to help organize FreeBSD's involvement in the Google Summer of Code. For previous year involvement, please see our pages from 2005, 2006, and 2007.

I have helped to mentor the following students in the past :

Older Projects

The High Level Goals Design Document that Precipitated 2005 Re-design of

Website Ideas

I have some doc/ related projects pending, I have added them to

Over the years we've had several instances when an outsider has wanted to spend a lot of time and money making an improvement to FreeBSD, but was worried that it would not be accepted after all the work is done. After much discussion on the lists, it becomes clear that community has conflicting goals, and the original gung-ho would-be contributor is convinced that his efforts will never be appreciated or accepted, and then goes off and does something else.

For that reason, I think it really behooves us to come up with a concise list of goals that we are looking for in a new website. We can then post these as, make a newsflash announcing a call for help, and give both internal and external developers an idea about what we're looking for and what is most likely to be enthusiastically accepted.

High level goals :

* All website content should be kept in CVS so that revision history

* Any new technologies used on the website must be i18n aware.

* PHP is not currently available on all of our website mirrors around

* Where possible, structured documents (SGML/XML) are strongly

* Pages should not be heavy on graphics or other content that

* The online content on is constantly evolving. No static

* Work should focus on a redesign of the presentation of our existing

What we actually need :

Design templates for :

Once we have a new layout, we would discuss :

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