FreeBSD 9 Brainstorming / Wishlist

/!\ This page is of historical interest only.

This is a rough list of ideas / goals / tasks to work on for FreeBSD 9.0 release. Nothing here is guaranteed. Many of these items have been long-term goals for many prior releases as well.

In the lists below, (E) means the suggestion came from the EuroBSDCon DevSummit/200909, and (C) means it came from the BSDCan DevSummit/201005.

A new page based on brainstorming for FreeBSD 10 is at FreeBSD10.


The following timescale was suggested at DevSummit/201005:

7.4-RELEASE, then 8.2-RELEASE, then 9.0-RELEASE (aiming roughly for May 2011)


Networking Stack

Wireless networking

Device Driver Issues

Other Kernel

User-space and Ports

Ports and Packages

Decisions needed before 9.0-RELEASE

Testing Foci

EuroBSDCon Whiteboard Photos





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