Garance Alistair Drosehn

My name is Garance Alistair Drosehn (gad at FreeBSD). I sometimes use a spelling of 'Drosihn' for my last name, to match the historical spelling that had been used before my great-great-grandparents moved to the United States. I work at RPI, which is a college located in Troy, New York. There is more information about me at:

I have been a FreeBSD committer since October 27, 2000. The first time I did an installation of FreeBSD was probably sometime around release 2.2.5 (1997), although I had been picking up the source code for various user-land utilities from FreeBSD for at least a few years before that.

Areas of FreeBSD I have worked on

The modules I have done the most work on have been 'lpr', 'newsyslog', and 'ps', but I have made minor changes to several other parts of the system. I also came up with the initial idea for the '-J' option for xargs, which Dima Dorfman then implemented.

I have occasionally done presentations on FreeBSD for some groups that I am a member of. A rough outline of my comparison of FreeBSD 4.x vs FreeBSD 5.3 is in topic CompareRelease4to5. This was written in late 2004, and other committers are welcome to improve on my rough draft...

Future Projects

I have a long list of things that I wish I had the time to work on...


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