Using Git for FreeBSD Development Today

The latest document about using git for tracking or developing FreeBSD is at It will be sorted out as a chapter in handbook and committer's guide.

The way of using git to hack on FreeBSD in svn is documented here: GitWorkflow. (Mostly obsoleted by migrating to git.)

A good introduction to Git was presented by UlrichSpoerlein at the Devsummit 2010 in Ottawa.

Official Mirrors is the official mirror for the public, currently has doc and src trees.

The FreeBSD project page on Github has the official mirrors for src, doc, and ports repositories.

Git for FreeBSD Development in the Future

In 2019, Core chartered a Git Working Group (May 2019 DevSummit announcement (Youtube); Slides from same, p. 49+) to work out the implementation details of using Git as the primary VCS for FreeBSD development.



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