Using Git for FreeBSD Development

Please see the Git Primer in the Committer's Guide and Using Git in the FreeBSD Handbook.

Email: freebsd-git

IRC: #gitcvt on EFnet



External mirrors are listed in an appendix to the FreeBSD Handbook.






Historical Content

Introduction to Git (Ulrich Spoerlein, Devsummit 2010, Ottawa)

GitWorkflow: using Git to hack on FreeBSD in svn. Begun in 2011, mostly obsoleted by migrating to Git.

In 2019, Core chartered a Git Working Group (May 2019 DevSummit announcement (Youtube); Slides from same, p. 49+) for a detailed implementation of using Git as the primary system for FreeBSD development.

Subversion to Git Migration: Parts 1 and 2 (Warner Losh, 2020).

Git Transition Process

2021-06-08: The vendor/openzfs branch was renamed (details).

2022-02-09: The vendor/illumos branch was updated and rolled back to its previous state due to some missing commit metadata (details).

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