KDE on FreeBSD

We take care of Qt, CMake and KDE-related ports on FreeBSD, making sure they run well and working directly with upstream as much as we can.

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KDE Frameworks5, Plasma5, Applications16 Todo

The following needs to be done or decided to get an up to date KDE Desktop into ports (KDE Frameworks itself is not really affected by this, it mostly concerns Plasma5 and up to date Applications16).

KDE4 Todo

First of all, note, that KDE Frameworks5 based applications will run just fine inside a KDE4 desktop [There might be some issues with kwallet].

We need to decide what we want to do with KDE Applications:

Each of the above solutions has its own issues. Personally I (tcberner) prefer Solution 3, as for example Solution 1 doubles the number of application ports, and Solution 2 leads to the question which do we keep as KDE4 version, and why? (also dependency and conflicts hell).


KDEPim Issue

We have the following issue with KDEPim:

So in short, at the moment we do not have the ability to provide KDEPim on a plasma5 based desktop. There are multiple possible solutions:

Cleanup of the kf5-* and plasma5-* ports


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