Inactive feature

June 2016

It has been 4 years of off and on effort trying to find a core FreeBSD member willing to help shepard this feature into FreeBSD.

I think after 4 years of little interest is is time to declare the feature abandoned. If there is any core member willing to commit this feature please contact me.


FreeBSD Hot Swap kernel upgrade & run-time switching without reboot.

From BSDCan 2012 Talk summary:

Linux has the ability to quickly reboot a system by loading a new kernel image into memory while they system is running and then restart into the new kernel bypassing the reset bios post process.

By utilizing the excellent work already done in the loader userboot.so project kload (kernel loader) provides must of the same functionality as kexec. Kload load a new kernel image into temporary kernel space prior to shutdown / reboot. The final step of reboot it then changed to overwrite the existing kernel image with the new image currently in temporary space, and jump to the new start address.

This process bypasses the entire bios cycle and slow bios disk reads.

Overall time saving varies based each bios cycle time.





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