Kernel netdump project

Committed to SVN in r333283 and nearby commits.

Contact: Mark Johnston

Netdump provides kernel core dumping over the network, instead of to a local disk. It implements a very minimal UDP/IPv4 stack and uses a custom UDP protocol to transmit the dump to the netdump server running on another host.

Netdump should find use in diskless workstation clusters, PXE-booted test machines, and perhaps when doing disk driver development.

Configuring Netdump

For example:

# sysctl net.dump.server=                                          
net.dump.server: ->                                       
# sysctl net.dump.client=                                          
net.dump.client: ->                                       
# sysctl net.dump.gateway=                                         
net.dump.gateway: ->                                      
# sysctl net.dump.nic=em2                                                       
net.dump.nic: none -> em2                                                       
# sysctl net.dump.enable=1                                                      
net.dump.enable: 0 -> 1                                                         

Future Projects

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