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I am Nikhil Bysani, a junior at University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign. For Google Sumer of Code, I will port Netowork Manager to FreeBSD. Network Manager controls and manages network devices and settings, such as ethernet and wireless. I will port over the base system, and hopefully apply the patches upstream.

A timeline:

May 23 - 30th, Get NetworkManager to compile on FreeBSD (no functionality)

May 30 - June 13th Get Ethernet working

June 13th - June 27th Get Wireless working.

June 27th - July 6th Pass test cases in ethernet/wireless.

July 6th - July 24th Have generally working NetworkManager daemon.

July 24th - August 17th Complete extra components such as plugins and nm-applet if possible, try to commit to upstream.


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