Using OpenSSL from ports

For your /etc/make.conf

will make all ports link ports OpenSSL. The ports not linking correctly are listed in Ports linking base OpenSSL and have been discovered in PR195796 the NO_SSL2 exp-build run. Beware that that list is no longer up-to-date, some have been fixed with the LibreSSL porting work.

Known issues

The primary change is bump of the shared library versions from .7 to .8

You will run into issues if you don't rebuild all ports linking to OpenSSL. Some ports will still have or have had issues where they rely on features in base that link against ports (notably, curl required base Kerberos which linked against base OpenSSL resulting in failures when building with ports OpenSSL). Please create an entry on this page and notify brnrd@ via mail or Barnerd on FreeNode or EFNet.

i386 NO_ASM

See PR198788


See PR198788

Ports overlapping libssl from base and from ports

See PR199265

net-mgmt/ccnet seafile-gui

segfaults, backtrace shows

#0  0x00000008022962e3 in ssl_create_cipher_list ()
   from /usr/local/lib/libssl.so.8
#1  0x000000080bd3fc3b in SSL_CTX_new () from /usr/lib/libssl.so.7


Likely some OpenSSL fall-out


mail/fetchmail "errors not reported properly"

Via #bsdports on EFnet

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