Setting up DHCPd to work with PXE

The dhcpd.conf should look something like this:

 option routers;

 default-lease-time 600;
 max-lease-time 7200;

 subnet netmask {
        option root-path "/usr/local/export/pxe";
        filename "pxeboot";

This is using the subnet but only leaseing There are 3 thing that are important here. The next-server line tells the PXE boot loader the IP of the NFS mount. The option root-path statement is the NFS mount path. And last but not least the filename statment tells the PXE loader the name of the boot loader to use.

This is designed to be on a dedicated network interface that only connects to the network that will be used for the PXE loading of servers or a network that doesn't already have a DHCP server.

This assumes that you aren't alreadying using for something and that the PXE Boot server will also be the optional gateway to the internet.

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