OpenStack Block Service

Set up Cinder on FreeBSD


Prepare the system for Cinder

The following commands must be run as the OpenStack admin user. (It is assumed that the environment (OS_AUTH_URL, OS_PASSWORD, etc.) is already set thus the subsequent commands are listed only with the required parameters for the sake of brevity.)

Create the user, role and service

Create the endpoints

Important: Note the difference between the volumev2 and volumev3 URLs.

Configure the cinder service

Cinder works in three different modes:

Controller node

Storage node

Create a file nfs_shares in /usr/local/etc/cinder and enter the shares of the NFS server(s) in form like this:

Enable the NFS client in the /etc/rc.conf:

Important: The NFS-Server must support the 4.1 protocol!

Populate the Storage service database

Enable the services

Enable and start the Cinder services:

On the controller node:

On the storage node:

Verify operation

Verify that the services are reachable:

Following command can be used to create a volume of 1GB size if the storage node is configured for NFS:


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