FreeBSD Ports

The term Ports when used without qualification may refer to any of the following:

  1. The Ports Git Repository

    • Contains many branches of the "Ports Collection", the two supported versions at any one time being: main and Quarterly

  2. The Ports Collection

    • Conceptually: The entire set of individuals ports a user can install
    • Technically: Everything you get with Git or gitup of a branch, or, all the things in /usr/ports

    • Also known as: The Ports Tree

    • Includes the framework

  3. The Ports Framework: The set of files within the Mk/ subdirectory that provide features for individual ports to use.

    • Ports does not work without the framework

ASCII diagrams are always useful:

Further Information

The main page was removed in October 2023. For posterity, in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine:

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Usage in this wiki

Info about particular ports or files in the ports tree may be placed under Ports/category/portname, or Ports/pathto/anyfile.

Ports-related articles may be placed under Ports/ and categorized with CategoryPorts

The following entries currently reside under this one:


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