About Me ● Name : Rishabh Choudhary ● IRC nick : rishabhchoudhary email : choudhary.rishabh.pilani@gmail.com

Project Details

Link : https://github.com/choudharyrishabh/freebsd

Mentor : Mr. Edward Tomasz Napierała Co Mentor: Mr Hans Petter Selasky

Project Details

● Project Title : Add USB target mode driver based on CTL

● Abstract:

CTL is the FreeBSD SCSI target layer. This projects focuses on replacing the SCSI protocol of USB storage target mode drive, by interfacing it with CAM Target Layer and export the LUN to the initiator machine

● Deliverables:

Making FreeBSD able to provide an USB storage target. So you would have some ARM board capable of USB OTG, with FreeBSD, and you could connect it via USB to some other machine and it would look like an USB flash key. And To the initiator machine it would look like an USB flash drive. From initiator, data could be read and content could be written from/to USB OTG of target machine

● Implementation

In current CTL version, it already have the USB part, it's called ustorage_fs.c, and we have the SCSI target, called CTL. Right now ustorage_fs.c contains it's own simplistic SCSI target engine; the project is to rip it out and replace with calls to CTL, making it a CTL port. When you have that, you would run ctld(8) with ctl.conf(5) configuration file defining what filesystem image should be 'served' through USB. And the initiator would be able to export that LUN and it will look like a flash drive on initiator

● Working hours

○ 35 40 hours per week

● Milestones are as follows:

○ 23 May 10 June : Adding necessary changes to kernel code so that USB SCSI command could send to CTL and to replace ustorage_fs.c by ctl.c ○ 11 June – 21 June : extend CTL backend API to make it possible to access USB storage through CTL backend ○ 21 June 28 June : Mid Term Evaluation ○ 28 June 20 July : add CTL backend, capable of storing data in USB OTG ○ 21 July – 10 august : Debug and Testing ○ 10 august – 16 August : Documentation


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