(MarkLinimon note 20110610: apparently this project was never completed. However, much of the patches generated should still be usable.)

Making ports work with clang

This project will bring clang to FreeBSD ports system as an alternative to GCC. When the project is completed, user will be able to freely set ports compiler to either GCC or clang, without having to worry whether things will break or not. While the project is mostly about clang, many changes to ports system will be generic. They will make it easier to compile ports with any GCC-compatible compiler (including latest versions of GCC).

Contact info

Email: hinokind@gmail.com

IRC: Andrius @ freenode, OFTC, EFNet


See the clangports repository in Perforce.

Some of the problems I'm trying to solve

$ cat /etc/make.conf
$ cat /usr/ports/multimedia/ffmpeg-devel/Makefile | grep USE_GCC
USE_GCC=    4.4+

At the moment, this would add dependency to gcc44, then try to compile with clang anyway. USE_GCC shouldn't be ignored.

$ cat /etc/make.conf

This also changes compiler for the base system. It shouldn't be like this. And no, ugly hack to only apply CC=clang for stuff in /usr/ports/* is not a good solution, user shouldn't need to do things like that.

Things that are NOT the goals for this project

Since some people get wrong ideas about what I'm trying to do, here's a list of things that are not my goals:



Mentor: KoopMast

Co-mentor: RomanDivacky

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