Finish porting FUSE to FreeBSD

FreeBSD fuse kernel module was developed during Google Summer of Code 2005. Sadly it is not actively maintained since February 2007. Since than two forks of FreeBSD version where created: macfuse for Mac OS X and OpenSolaris fork. Nowadays fuse is not only actively used by desktop applications there are production quality server file systems built on top of fuse.


Testing tools

File systems for testing


Weeks 1-3: Move to macfuse code base. Extensively test individual changes.

Weeks 4-7: Check and if necessary fix architectural issues documented in fuse-kmod: attribute and name cache, large file support, missing inode numbers, fix /dev/fuse cloning/creation, etc.

Week 8-9: Reproduce and fix bugs known for actively used file systems.

Week 10-11: Test network file systems mentioned above: sshfs, smbnetfs, glusterfs. Port gluster, unofficial port for older release exists.

Week 12-13: Test rest of fusefs ports or use time to finish incomplete tasks.

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