CI Test Harness for Bootloader

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Project description

FreeBSD supports multiple architectures, file systems, and disk-partitioning schemes. Currently, there is a script named located in src/tools/boot/ that creates several of these environments but does not test all of them. The proposed idea is to rewrite the script in a language such as Python or Lua, which would allow for testing of all the architecture combinations supported in the first and second-tier support, and provide a report on any broken combinations and expected functionality. Additionally, providing Linux Boot support using Linux EFI shim(EDK) II for amd64 and arm64. If time permits, further exploration could be done to integrate the script into the existing build infrastructure (either Jenkins or Github Actions) to generate a comprehensive summary of the test results.

Approach to solving the problem

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Weekly Check-in

* Week 1 (29 May)

* Week 2 (4 Jun)

* Week 3 (12 Jun)

* Week 4 (19 Jun)

* Week 5 (26 Jun)

* Week 6 (3 July)

* Week 7 (10 July) - MidTerm Evaluations [Week Off Work]

* Week 8 (17 July)

* Week 9 (24 July)

* Week 10 (31 July)

* Week 11 (7 Aug)

* Week 12 (14 Aug)

* Week 13 (21 Aug) - Final Evaluations

Extension for 4 weeks

* Week 14 (28 Aug)

* Week 15 (4 Sept)

* Week 16 (11 Sept)

* Week 17 (18 Sept) [Kinda Busy week at work \0-0/]

* Week 18 (25 Sept)

* Final Tasks

The Code

Github URL :


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* site:

* freebsd on m1 mac:

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