Installing Valgrind

Installing from ports

pkg install valgrind will install a patched version of Valgrind 3.10.1 from the bitbucket repo described below.

pkg install valgrind-devel will install a version of Valgrind that is close to the official Valgrind 3.16.1.


Building valgrind requires the following ports to be installed:

Obtaining the Valgrind source

The most recent version of Valgrind for is available on github.

To check out the source

git clone

The previous version of the Valgrind FreeBSD can be cloned from a mercurial repository on

To check out the source:

hg clone


gmake install


Below is an old list of jobs that needed doing. rfork is still not implemented. We're working on upstream integration. TLS does affect Helgrind and possibly DRD. There are still some signal issues, mainly on i386.

Valgrind src

  1. Test more syscalls which are disabled and implement the missing ones (rfork mainly, others to come).
  2. Push FreeBSD changes to upstream valgrind
  3. Fix support for FreeBSD TLS
  4. Growable stack / SIGSEGV / kqueue signal delivery issue.
  5. ptrace handlers

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