Installing Valgrind

Installing from ports

pkg install valgrind will install Valgrind 3.19.0

pkg install valgrind-devel will install a version of Valgrind that is tracking the upstream git repository, 3.18.0.GIT.

There may be some delay between package builds and the above versions, particularly if you use the quarterly packages'


Building valgrind requires the following ports to be installed:

Obtaining the Valgrind source

Starting with Valgrind 3.18.1 FreeBSD support has been integrated into the main Valgrind codebase.



Prior to 3.18.1 (though still maintained) the source was hosted on on github.

To check out this version of the source

git clone

An older version of Valgrind FreeBSD can be cloned from a mercurial repository on To check out the source: hg clone


gmake install


  1. Signal delivery issue, particularly on i386 [fixed in the sourceware repo, not yet in ports]
  2. Differences between lld and ld-bfd concerning ELF sections.
  3. A proper implementation of vgdb-invoker.
  4. Add freeres support to libc FreeresBugzillaItem

  5. Much needs to be done for clang OMP.
  6. Fix support for FreeBSD TLS
  7. Implement rfork.

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