I have a number of ports I personally use for a "FEMP" stack. I contribute fixes upstream in these various ports for issues that I run into.

Areas of interest:

ARM / Aarch64

Everybody in the world should have access to technology, but far too often it is cost prohibitive. A $35 single board computer is an amazing deal, but needs software to accompany that hardware. Helping to identify shortcoming, and propose fixes to FreeBSD's Aarch64 system has become a bit of passion of mine.

The Oddball

I'm a little strange. I use Microsoft Windows desktop with PuTTY to SSH into a FreeBSD Aarch64 virtual machine running on a MacBook Air M1 for the purpose of working on the Linuxulator CentOS C7 ports. I think I have a bit of an Operating System identity crisis! I also have a bit of a mix with TrueNAS Core for storage, OPNsense for routing, and VMware ESXi ARM Fling as yet another hypervisor.

Reports and Presentations

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