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In the Handbook:

Hints for FreeBSD as a guest

For a change to /etc/rc.conf to become effective: restart FreeBSD.

For automatic configuration of Xorg:

Xorg -configure

– then, to tell whether the video driver was automatically recognised:

grep vboxvideo /root/

With a good Xorg configuration file in place and in use: the View menu of VirtualBox can be used for automatic resizing. With that option enabled, a change to the size of the VirtualBox window should cause a change to the size of the display in the FreeBSD guest.


VirtualBox ToDo

Guest operating system access to USB devices on a FreeBSD host

(This section may be outdated – please see the USB Support statement in the Handbook.)

At the host level, each user of VirtualBox must be in the operator group –

# pw groupmod operator -m username

– and must have read and write permissions to the device.

/etc/devfs.rules must exist and include these two lines:

add path 'usb/*' mode 0660 group operator

/etc/rc.conf must include:


If the rule is not effective, restart devfs:

# service devfs restart



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