FreeBSD Round Table Best Practices

Warner Losh and the Core Team would like to invite you to take part in a series of discussions about the current best practices for FreeBSD. We hope to write them all down, and these round tables give people a chance to exchange ideas. We'll take the ideas expressed, as well as followup shared by the community, and draft a best practices doc. In addition, we recognize that the project can learn from the rest of the industry better ways of doing things and change how it does business. The round table will also touch on those issues and set the groundwork for future changes to enable a shift here.


This will be a round table discussion, with Warner Losh moderating and leading. This week's panelists are

As well as members of the core team.


5 Minutes

Developing Within the Project

10 minutes

Questions about what is working for people, what's not, etc. The focus will be on developing when you're already inside the project. How is the project like a business? How is it different? etc

Ports vs Src vs Docs Differences

10 minutes

Furthering the developing within the project, how do the answers to the last section change as you work on different parts of the project?

Individuals Contributing to the Project

10 minutes

The project gets a number of contributions from individuals working to make FreeBSD better in various ways. What works well to get contributions into the project? What's not worked well?

Company Contributions

10 minutes

Contributing larger bodies of work that your company has done with FreeBSD is another important source of contributions. What are the things that make FreeBSD easy to work with? What makes it hard? Having a long-term, on going relationship with the project can pose challenges. This section will explore that and what works and doesn't.

Changes for the Future

10 minutes

The switch to git unlocks a number of possibilities in improving our work flows to automate a lot of the drudgery that gets in the way of creating a quality product. This section will explore some of those possibilities, with a followup at the June Developer's Summit planned to form concrete plans.

Wrap Up

5 minutes


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