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Wiki Administration

Securely Add A User

While every developer can add new developers directly to (e.g.) DevelopersGroup, MarkLinimon was told to do things differently due to security concerns.

su -m www -c "/usr/local/bin/moin --config-dir=/home/www/wiki account create --name <UserName> --email <email>" 

This way, you make sure that whoever is claiming the account actually has that email. Otherwise, if you merely add a entry in the ACL list, any random person can immediatelly log in as that account and start making changes.

/!\ MarkLinimon could use help generalizing his shell script to perform the first two tasks.

Configuration Changes

Note: This currently doesn't work, configuration is managed by clusteradm and auto deployed, so local changes are reverted -- KubilayKocak 2020-06-21T02:40:33+0000

Clean Pages

Moves deleted/trash pages to ~wiki/{trash,deleted}

Clean Sessions

Cleans up expired sessions from ~wiki/data/cache/sessions

Rebuild xapian search index

Rebuilds the xapian search index (deleting the current index) in ~wiki/data/cache/xapian

Note: This must be run as User: www

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