802.11n support for the ath(4) NICs

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The driver in FreeBSD-HEAD supports 802.11n TX and RX. It is still under active development and is suitable for local testing.

The 802.11n support is for station, hostap, IBSS and TDMA operation. Mesh is currently not supported.

Current Development

The details can be found on the development page: AdrianChadd/AtherosTxAgg.


The following NICs are supported for 802.11n operation:

How to use it

"ifconfig -v wlan0 list channel" should show 802.11n channels "ht".

In station mode, it will negotiate 802.11n as required.

In hostap mode, 802.11n can be specified in the channel configuration:

  # ifconfig wlan0 channel 6:ht/40



Known issues

Fixed issues

Reporting issues

Please report issues to freebsd-wireless@freebsd.org . Please keep in mind that AdrianChadd won't help unless:

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