Per-packet Transmission Power Control

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What is it?

The AR5212, AR5416 and later (along with select previous generation devices) implement per-packet transmission power control.

Per-packet TPC is included for the AR5212 based chips, but needs to be verified before it can be enabled by default.

FreeBSD, Linux ath9k and Linux ath5k currently do not officially support per-packet TPC.

What's involved?

What support is needed in the HAL?

Which chips does it work on?

There's TPC support for the AR5212 but it hasn't been validated.

The TPC support for AR5416, AR9160, AR9280 have been validated in 2GHz. 5GHz should also just work. All of the above work is now done in code in ar5416/ar5416_xmit.c - it correctly offsets and clamps the TX power value before handing it to the hardware.

The TPC support for the AR9380 and later chips comes from the QCA HAL and thus it's assumed it just works.

Known issues

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