Engenius ENH-200

The Engenius ENH-200 is a 2GHz 802.11bgn mesh device suitable for outdoor deployments.


The 4 port serial header has an arrow silk-screened above one of the pins (closest to the wifi antenna connectors at the far edge of the board.) Take that as pin 1:

Build instructions


Unimplemented features

The LEDs aren't yet linked into the GPIO setup.

The panel is apparently dual-polarity and can be changed by reprogramming the antenna switch register.

#define ALL0258N_SWITCHCOM_HORIZONTAL 0x09a00210 #define ALL0258N_SWITCHCOM_VERTICAL 0x0a900120

ap91_pci_setup_wmac_switchcom(0, ALL0258N_SWITCHCOM_HORIZONTAL, "horiz", "horizontal TX, vertical RX"); ap91_pci_setup_wmac_switchcom(1, ALL0258N_SWITCHCOM_VERTICAL, "vert", "vertical TX, horizontal RX");

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