FreeBSD's MIPS architecture port has been proposed for removal in FreeBSD 14.0 (CURRENT).

For related reasons, some content in this page or its sub-pages may be out of date.

The current FreeBSD/mips TODO List contains items that we'd like to see, or items that people are currently working on.


There are a variety of MIPS32 platforms supported.

The most popular / tested is the Atheros MIPS SoCs.

The CPU families in question (in 32-bit mode):

Specific boards (non-exhaustive):

May other devices have an AR71xx, AR724x, AR91xx, AR933x, AR934x, QCA955x in them. Any of those boards will work - provided enough RAM (32MB) and flash (8MB) is available to run FreeBSD-HEAD.

MIPS 64 based


See mips/Octeon article.



The 32-bit and 64-bit MIPS platforms (both big and little endian) can be tested under various emulator environments. Please see MipsEmulation for further information.

Building FreeBSD/MIPS

A very simple (and perhaps out of date) overview can be found here - FreeBSD/BuildingMIPS .

AdrianChadd has built a set of build scripts to build MIPS/ARM access point images: .

Cavium Simulator -- How to run the Cavium Network Simulator on FreeBSD with a FreeBSD kernel

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