Imagination CI20 reference board

NOTE: this is a work in progress!


The CI20 reference board from Imagination Technologies contains:

What's working

There are apparently multiple UARTs on this board -see for the console uart (uart4).


Building FreeBSD

Use TARGET_ARCH=mipselhf to enable hard float support. This appears to work (thank you, Ruslan!), but was only lightly tested on this board.

Booting FreeBSD


The earlier software version (Debian 7) shipped with a uboot/dts that used uart0. This isn't the dedicated uart4 connector.

When you upgrade to debian 8 it'll come with an updated uboot/dts which will change the dts to point the console out uart4.

FreeBSD's dts (sys/gnu/dts/mips/ingenic/ci20.dts) sets stdout-path = &uart4, which matches the updated firmware. For the Debian 7 firmware, you should change this to uart0 before compiling the kernel so the bootloader console and FreeBSD serial console match.

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