Portupgrade (also known as pkgtools) is a set of tools for working with ports and packages. It enhances system tools and adds many new abilities. It is easily and highly configurable, allowing you to create individual, variable environments for any port you like, and to define commands that will be executed before/after port upgrade stages.

pkgtools uses hash databases so access to information about available (in the ports tree) and installed ports and their dependencies is fast.

pkgtools consist of the utils:

and a few other.


Initially pkgtools was written by Akinori MUSHA <knu AT FreeBSD DOT org>

It is currently maintained by BryanDrewery <bdrewery AT FreeBSD DOT org>

Past Maintainers

These people have maintained the project over time.


Hints & Tips

    '*' => proc { |origin|

  portsdb -Fu

  portupgrade -a -x ruby -x portupgrade

  pkgdu -tr ruby

  portupgrade -fa -x '>=2008-07-10'


Send your wishes, bug reports to http://github.com/pkgtools/pkgtools or <bdrewery AT FreeBSD DOT org>

Desired features

From: MatthiasAndree

From: Hannes Hauswedell <hannes.hauswedell at gmail.com>

From: RW <list-freebsd-2004 at morbius.sent.com>

From: AndrewPantyukhin

From: AlexanderLeidinger

From: Chris Calvey <chris at securityforensics.co.uk>


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