FreeBSD on the Alix 2c3




ANSI keyboard mapping

The ALIX does keyboard/VGA emulation for BIOS access. This means that the serial BIOS IO code which FreeBSD uses in its boot programs can and does clash with the ALIX BIOS. The symptoms are keypresses being missed or ignored entirely.

From PC Engines:

          ; ANSI to scan code translation table
ansitab:  db      "OP",000,03b          ;F1
          db      "OQ",000,03c          ;F2
          db      "Ow",000,03d          ;F3
          db      "Ox",000,03e          ;F4
          db      "Ot",000,03f          ;F5
          db      "Ou",000,040          ;F6
          db      "Oq",000,041          ;F7
          db      "Or",000,042          ;F8
          db      "Op",000,043          ;F9 (F10 gives same)
          db      "[A",000,048          ;cursor up
          db      "[B",000,050          ;cursor down
          db      "[D",000,04b          ;cursor left
          db      "[C",000,04d          ;cursor right
          db      "[H",000,047          ;home
          db      "[K",000,04f          ;end

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