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How did I start

I started with computers when I was about 5, playing Wolfenstein 3D (I even remember the MS-DOS commands I used to start it: cd wolf3d; carga.bat). Then I continued with Doom, and that's how I started learning english (and with technical manuals, movies and music I learnt more english than at school).

About 2003 my father recommended me to start programming with Pascal (however he is not a programmer), I was using Windows 2000 with the Dev-Pascal IDE (uses FreePascal compiler). I learned the basic concepts from various tutorials in the internet (mainly Roby's Pascal Tutorial), but didn't reach pointers until starting with C, using the Dev-Cpp IDE (uses MinGW GCC). Then I learned basic data structures (lists, queues, stacks, binary trees, etc).

The next year I heard UNIX like systems were an excellent platform for development, and started with some Linux distributions. (Un)fortunately I had bad luck with them (was disappointed by the lack of central documentation, and didn't find a distribution of my liking). So my father recommended me FreeBSD as it was used in PairNetworks, where he hosts his website, and had a reputation of being serious and well documented.

So I installed FreeBSD 4.9 (at the end of 2004), and printed the Handbook. Then I updated it (by complete reinstall) when 5.3 came out, and started with ports, mainly games. In April 2006 I became a committer mentored by garga@, and continued working on other ports related areas.

Some past works

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