A list of future TODOs and changes relating to Apache Software Foundation (ASF) ports in tree for apache@

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QA checks

Please add description of checks you've run to t

apache@ Team: (committers welcome, contributors send PRs!)

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Projects / changes

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Sub-projects WIP documentation

Apache 2.2

Moved to Apache 2.2 sub-page

Scraps & Tidbits

Available modules

Soon to be removed from the Makefile (clutter)

# maintainer only, check for new modules
awk '/: checking whether to enable mod_/ \
    {printf "%%%%%s%%%%libexec/apache24/%s.so\n", \
     toupper($$8), $$8}' ${WRKSRC}/configure.upstream \
| ${TR} -d '"' \
| ${SORT} -u \

Check configure options



to the CONFIGURE_ARGS block and check the output of make configure

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