On the 11th July 2020 from 1400-2100 UTC we ran a coordinated virtual Bug Squash. FreeBSD has a Problem Report (PR) database where users and developers are encouraged to file issues and regressions they find in both the base system and ports tree.

A Bug Squash is a focused session where we try to triage, process, fix and close as many reports as we can from the PR database. This July 11th Bug Squash we will focus on closing as many PRs with patches as we can.

While we do process and close issues there are a large number of PRs with patches attached that should be processed. At the time of writing there are:


We are looking to reduce the number of bugs in the bug track in a scalable and friendly way. We do not aim to close bugs because they are old or hard. We will make a deliberate effort to find bugs with patches and test and evaluate the bugs and the patches. The intention is to turn as many bugs as reasonable to fixes in FreeBSD.

In addition we encourage people to come with their own bugs so we can help with filing issues and getting these fixed.

Intended audience

People in the following (not limitative) categories are welcome to take part:

  1. people with bugs they're affected by and would like fixed, so they can test possible fixes or provide feedback on possible solutions;
  2. people interested in fixing bugs but needing help in finding ones that are in their sphere of interest or at their expertise level;
  3. people to cheer bug-fixers along and provide moral support; and
  4. anyone else interested in watching or taking part.


We hosted a google meet at the start of the Bug Squash to provide an introduction to the process and will use the #freebsd-bugs irc channel on freenode to coordinate work, triage and discuss PRs and patches.

Google Meet



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