BSDCam session, 1pm - 2:45pm, August 26, FW08.


GavinAtkinson, BradDavis, DruLavigne (remote), IsabellLong, PáliGáborJános, BjoernZeeb


Due to the limited number of participants (five, one remote) we decided to have only brief discussion, and then get started on some doc work.


DruLavigne joined us remotely via Skype to discuss progress on the handbook towards a printed edition. Good progress has been made in several chapters, although this has not yet been reflected in the PublishedFormats wiki page. GavinAtkinson has agreed to try to get this page updated, through looking at commits made to the doc tree. As FreeBSD 10 is expected to be released some time around New Year, it is felt that the book should cover both 9.x and 10.x. GavinAtkinson has volunteered to compile a list of features in 10.x we will want to document.

Doc Work

The remainder of the time was spent working on the documentation tree. BradDavis and BjoernZeeb set about improving the IPv6 documentation.

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