Gavin Atkinson

About Me

I'm Gavin Atkinson, I live in York, UK and work as a Senior IT Security Specialist at the University of York. Through work, I'm usually to be found at many of the FLOSS UK conferences for which I'm a Council member, as well as usually making it to EuroBSDCon and BSDCan. Most of my FreeBSD activity in done in my free time.

Contact information

I can usually be found lurking on EFnet as gavin, Libera.Chat as gavinatkinson, or be contacted by e-mail <>. If you want to send me encrypted mail, my GPG key is 0x4DA114E5C4A2E57F and is available from public keyservers or the FreeBSD Handbook (old key 0x935DEF44A093262B is deprecated, and should no longer be used). I can also be found as "gavinatkinson" on LinkedIn, Twitter,,, and pretty much everywhere else.

BTC: 1MhpXzzzeZ9D9Y8h3Xcrb4NawwFWdeqFBL

FreeBSD Activities

Non-FreeBSD interests

Music is a big part of my life, and I'm a DJ in what's left of my spare time. If you ever find yourself on a night out in York, say hi!


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