Developer Tools & Documentation Session

Session Leader: MateuszPiotrowski





Code review system

Bug report system


What people don't like about Bugzilla

MFC tracker

Integrating all the things

PaulWebster is already working on a new FreeBSD wiki using XWiki



  1. Git has become the de-facto source control system.
  2. Augment Phabricator to be more than just a review system.
  3. We can't have git in the base system due to licensing issues.
  4. We need to let git users do contribution easier

Quarterly reports

Advantages of DocBook XML

Types of contributors:


Team up developers and doc people early so that the doc committers can document it (for testers, early adopters). As the feature changes, the changes are also documented which is much less work bulding upon already existing documentation. Once the feature is stable enough to be released, there is already documentation available that can go in to the handbook. That way, a new FreeBSD release has a new feature and the accompanying documentation available.

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