Dima Panov

Email: <fluffy AT FreeBSD DOT org>

Please let me introduce myself.

I'm a network engineer and chief of systems and network integration department from Khabarovsk, Russia. I have used FreeBSD for servers and desktops since 1995.

Since 2014 I'm a photographer, journalist and father of hilarious girl.

As recorded in history, for a long time I have provide patches to kde@, x11@ and office@ teams, so was punished by commit bit at 2009.

I also maintain some useful ports and have plans to expand my attention to more software.

MartinWilke (miwi) and ThomasAbthorpe (tabthorpe) was my mentors at first steps.

After suspend and reinstate of my commit bit MartinWilke (miwi) and MathieuArnold (mat) was assigned as new mentors.

My blogs: @Twitter @FaceBook

skype: dima.panov

telegram: @dima_panov

IRC: fluffy@EFNet, fluffykhv@FreeNode

Problem Reports Assigned To Me

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