This page describes stuff relating to office-related ports in the tree.

Current list of people in office@

Ports Committers



You can find some of office@ people on #freebsd-office on IRC EFNet. Feel free to connect and ask questions or discuss a future of office ports on FreeBSD.

Ongoing work

Apache OpenOffice

OpenOffice is now a Top Level Project TLP at the Apache Foundation.

A port of the latest release (4.1.1) is available! Unfortunately it still depends on gcc which is likely to cause trouble on FreeBSD 10+.


The RedPorts repository for the latest in LibreOffice is at Send patches to office@.

Hunspell and Friends

All possible dictionaries, thesaurus and hyphenation are being added to the ports tree to allow LibreOffice, OpenOffice and every potential hunspell aware application to share the same resources.

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