This page describes stuff relating to office-related ports in the tree.

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You can find some of office@ people on #freebsd-office on IRC EFNet. Feel free to connect and ask questions or discuss a future of office ports on FreeBSD.

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Apache OpenOffice

OpenOffice is a Top Level Project at the Apache Software Foundation.

The editors/openoffice-4 port carries the latest stable release. editors/openoffice-devel with upstream's trunk is also available.

Building with the native clang on X86 required some tweaking but is now fully supported. Java is required so currently openoffice-devel only supports AMD64, i386, (clang and GCC) and PPC, PPC64 (only GCC) on FreeBSD. Initial support for FreeBSD/ARM32 is available but is untested and may need clang-related adjustments.


The ever-lasting battle to keep this up to date continues. ARM64 (which AOO has no plans for) would be an interesting target. Send patches to office@.

Tracking upstreaming patches: Office/LibreOfficeUpstream

WIP repository:

Repology status: [[FreeBSD port](](

Hunspell and Friends

All possible dictionaries, thesaurus and hyphenation are being added to the ports tree to allow LibreOffice, OpenOffice and every potential hunspell aware application to share the same resources.

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