Documents the IRC channel setup/configuration for #freebsd* channels

Channel Settings

Channel Modes


All channels shall have the following configuration set:


Channel Access

Where access is provided on a channel-specific basis, the following standard flags should be set.

Channel Leads

Channel leads are responsible for ensuring and cultivating a great user experience within the context of a specific channel. They also seek to promote use and growth of the channel.

Flags:  /cs flags <channel> <nickname> +toer 

Registration Policy / Audits


All #freebsd* channels:

If they are not registered by IRC Admin,


We regularly audit and review channels registered within our namespace (#freebsd*). Any channels found in the list not meeting the criteria above are marked for pruning and deregistered accordingly.

Other reason classes for de-registration include:

Information that is used to determine channel state can include:

Ban management has a set of self-service bots available for ban management, including litharge, based on ChanTracker.

Per the documentation,

From the github documentation, the user inviting the bot is its "owner", but other users can be added to litharge's admin list as follows (untested):

!user register opaccount password
!hostmask add opaccount *!*@something
!admin capability add opaccount #myChannel,op

...after which the user can issue private messages to the bot like:

/msg litharge 10m argumentative again
/msg litharge 30d silly spammer

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