Official FreeBSD IRC Channels on Libera Chat

Libera Chat is now FreeBSD's primary and official IRC network and presence.

You can find our official home at #freebsd IRC channel

If you need help or support, please reach out on #freebsd-irc or <irc AT FreeBSD DOT org>.

How to engage with the community

Additional Information

Our decision to use Libera Chat centered on the following motivations, considerations and success criteria:

We consulted with individuals in the FreeBSD and broader OpenSource Project Community for their thoughts and feedback, where along with the growing consensus in the decisions other Open Source Projects made, Libera Chat represented the best present option for a reliable IRC home for the community.

From here, after already securing our Libera Chat #freebsd* namespace, registered and official Group Contacts and our main channels, we'll be:

If you're interested in this space or you have any questions, please reach out at <irc AT FreeBSD DOT org> or jump in #freebsd-irc

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