This is a list of tasks that should take very little skill to do. Everyone is encourage to edit this page. Please list some small odd-jobs for a prospective beginner is looking for something easy to start with.

Junior Tasks

New ports you would like to have in the tree, if possible with more details about the procedure (expected difficulties and so) and/or who is working on it if anyone.

Application and source location


Skills required

Who is working

Work Preview

Extra info

What application and where can I find the source?

What change is needed?

sh? c? c++? what skills are needed?

Who offered to do this?

work in progress

Any information that is useful to a person taking this task

Ports task

Looking for the same type of page - but for ports? Look at WantedPorts

What about other ideas? Look at IdeasPage

Also see GoogleCodeIn/2012Tasks

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