HP 255 G4 (likely N0Y29EA)

Hardware Overview


Middle-level oriented, inexpensive laptop with relatively good CPU (APU) and RAM size in stock configuration. Nothing special, except that there is no air intake on its bottom (nice). Matte coating of the wrist-rest and screen lid (as well as the screen itself) is also a plus. It got my interest solely because of AMD APU (unfortunately, Intel rules these days, and almost no vendors except HP and Lenovo produce AMD-based laptops).

Comes with some Windows 8.1 or 10 preinstalled (FreeDOS 2.0 versions should be available according to specification, but probably hard to find in retail). Getting into UEFI BIOS is possible by pressing F9 (as I vaguely recall) early in the boot process. Disabling SecureBoot allowed to boot off USB memstick, flashed with 11.0-CURRENT-r295683; vt(4) is required if you want to see anything on the console. KMS appears to work with radeonkms.ko. X11 was not tested. WiFi adapter was not detected by GENERIC kernel, but Bluetooth was (ubt0 device created).

ACPI issues

Pretty much the same as described in Laptops/HP_Notebook_15-af104ur page, common for HP laptops.


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