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Welcome to the FreeBSD 802.11 wireless protocol and driver overview.

If you need help setting up a wireless connection, check out the Wireless FAQ.

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Supported Features

This section outlines Wireless (IEEE 802.11) Standards and Protocol support in FreeBSD. Whether specific features are supported on particular hardware is chipset and driver specific.

Note: Feature support is dependent on chipset, and on each individual wireless driver implementation.

Additional Features:

Under Current Development

Chipset Support

Please see dev for further information. Please note, this isn't (yet) an exhaustive list.

Regulatory Domain Support

TODO / Wishlist

These may have some funding available to implement. Please contact freebsd-wireless@freebsd.org if you think you're able to code up one of these!

Main ideas page: WiFi/IdeasPage. Unsorted ideas page: WiFi/TodoStuff.

Developer Corner

Here's a variety of random developer notes!

Further Information

Please contact freebsd-wireless@freebsd.org for any further information.

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