Motile M141

1. Hardware

2. Notes

The status and notes are for FreeBSD 13.0-CURRENT from the middle of May 2020 booted in EFI mode. Secure boot has to be disabled (obviously).

Integrated video works with amdgpu driver from drm-devel-kmod starting with version 5.0.g20200507. The efifb workaround described in Graphics#AMD_Graphics is not needed. Switching between X and non-X virtual terminals works without any problems. To get the native resolution in a vt terminal I use this in loader.conf:


Both video and sound work without issues for the external HDMI connection. I used pavucontrol to dynamically switch to and from HDMI audio when playing through pulseaudio (e.g., YouTube in Firefox)

Switching to polling mode may be needed to get HDA audio working. Sometimes playback does not work from the beginning, sometimes it stops working after a while.


With BIOS version 1.06 automatic switching between built-in speakers and external headset (or speakers) does not work. I am using this configuration tweak:

hint.hdaa.1.nid21.config="as=1 seq=15"
hint.hdaa.1.nid24.config="as=4 seq=15"

Volume control special keys do work.

Brightness keys do not change screen brightness. However, it can be controlled using sysctl sys.class.backlight.amdgpu_bl0.bl_device.brightness.

The touchpad works with ig4 driver and out of the tree iichid driver. The driver is available in packages / ports as well. iichid works in polling mode as its interrupt is routed via GPIO and FreeBSD (on x86) does not support that. The touchpad does not work in the console.

The microSD card reader does not work as it requires rtx_usb driver (driver for Realtek USB card readers) that FreeBSD does not have. The hardware is Realtek RTS5129.

Web camera (internally connected via USB), works fine with webcamd. The laptop also features an IR camera. Not sure how to use or test it, though.

802.11a (5 GHz) and 802.11b/g (2.4 GHz) have been successfully tested. 802.11n and 802.11ac are not supported by iwm driver yet. Radio button correctly toggles the wireless function (WiFi and bluetooth), but when the radio is off that's not reflected in wlan interface status.

Battery status is reported correctly via ACPI.

System temperature is reported via ACPI. Fan speed is not available.

CPU temperature is reported via amdtemp.

Bluetooth is detected (ubt attaches), but has not been tested yet.

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