Thinkpad T480

I bought this with the "USB-C/Thunderbolt3" dock, and despite our lack of TB3 support, everything but the GigE on the dock works to a usable extent with 12-Current r333447

The docks USB ports work right out of the box.

The docks Video requires ports/graphics/drm-next-kmod, and you must kldload i915kms before you start X.

NB1: Make sure you don't mix kld's in /boot/kernel and /boot/modules. Easiest is probably cp /boot/modules/* /boot/kernel

In case you encounter kernel panic when loading the i915kms.ko module add kern.smp.disabled=1 to your /boot/loader.conf.

Wireless is i8265/iwm and it seems to work, I use this in loader.conf:



Suspend/Resume seems to work from Xorg, if you disable TPM in the bios.

Untested: Camera, Microphone, Fingerprint reader, Smartcard reader, SD-card reader.

Overall impression so far: Good, would recommend to current-running hackers.

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